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club UPDATE - JUNE 11th

Phase 2 Re-Opening 

We have received excellent news from the Ontario Provincial Government that Phase 2 re-opening is now in effect. Your Board of Directors is currently working to put everything in place to provide modified programming at the Club. Please rest assured that all safety precautions will be followed as outline by the government. We will provide more details as to the specifics of programs and events as soon as we are able. 

We are very excited to be able to open our club this summer and we hope to see you there. 


Good news Tennis Members!

The docks are in, and the tennis courts are now OPEN to our Members. the safety of our Members remains our priority, and as such, we have implemented some changes while we remain under the threat of COVID 19.

To review the tennis court COVID 19 guidelines, please see below.

However, I would like to to highlight a couple of these new guidelines you should be aware of

before heading to the courts:

-we ask that you complete the self assessment questionnaire on our website and refrain from play if you answer yes to any of the questions;

-courts must booked in advance using Skedda. This online tool will help to minimize traffic at the courts and ensure social distance is easily maintained;

-we ask that players use the gate adjacent to their court for entry and exit;

-the Clubhouse and it’s washrooms remain CLOSED until further notice. The defibrillator is being serviced and is temporarily NOT available. We will advise of its location when it is back in service;

-the Outhouse is available for use, however we ask you disinfect your hands, and all outhouse surfaces used before and after use (product will be provided);

Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide group tennis lessons in the normal format this summer, and Wednesday round robins are not possible given the current regulatory environment. We will continue to monitor, and advise you should the environment change.

Thankyou for your patience and understanding as we adjust to ensure the health and safety of one another.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me,

Sue Cunningham Tennis Chair 204-612-3579

ZZYC Covid 19 Tennis Guidelines

*Our members safety is our priority, we appreciate players adhering to the following health and safety guidelines:

Please do NOT play if you exhibit any coronavirus symptoms, have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 in the last 14 days, or are considered vulnerable or at risk.

Please use Skedda, our online booking system for every visit, to minimize crowding at the courts.

Please use the east gate for east court bookings, and the west gate for west court bookings to ensure social distancing and minimize traffic in the shelter.

Please leave both gates open and unlocked to minimize surface infection.

Because it is unknown if the virus can live on tennis balls, please consider bringing two cans, and distinctly mark the balls to differentiate them.  Communal balls will not be provided.

Please wash your hands before arriving at the courts and bring hand sanitizer to use during and after play.

Please consider cleaning your equipment, including racquets, the bottom of your shoes and water bottles with disinfectant between matches.

Please bring your own water, water will not be provided.

Until further notice, please refrain from entering the Clubhouse or using the Clubhouse washrooms and plan accordingly.

Please cough and sneeze into your sleeve.

Please maintain a 2 metre distance from other players, and avoid all physical contact.

Please avoid touching door handles, gates and benches.

Please avoid sharing food, drinks and towels.

Please use your foot and/or racquet to pick up balls, or return a ball to the other court.

Please leave the court immediately after play and avoid loitering in the shelter.

*Adapted from Tennis Canada guidelines, April 2020

tennis update #1 - May 12th

Hello Tennis Members,

Like many of you, I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to return to a tennis court.  With the long weekend around the corner, it seems prudent to update members on the status of the tennis program at ZZYC. 

On March 30, 2020, under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, the Province of Ontario announced the closure of all outdoor recreational amenities in the Province (Regulation 104/20).  This order includes the closure of both public and private tennis courts.  The order can be extended beyond the original revocation date of May 19, 2020.  On May 12, 2020, the Ontario state of emergency was extended to June 2, 2020, with no change to the restrictions on tennis facilities.

As such, the tennis courts at ZZYC will remain closed until further notice.

We will monitor the restriction on outdoor recreational facilities.   We aim to open the tennis courts to members as expediently as possible while adhering to regulatory requirements and infection control standards provided by public health officials in the Province of Ontario.  The status of tennis lessons, tournaments and weekly round robins is as yet unknown.

I will advise members by email and post information on the website as it becomes available.
I thank you for your patience in these challenging times and wish you all good health.

S Cunningham
Tennis Chair


Dear ZZYC Members,

In light of the most recent information, the ZZYC Board of Directors have made the difficult decision to close ZZYC until further notice. 
The safety and well-being of our community including our members, guests and staff continues to be our top priority.  We also recognize our responsibility to the larger community that extends beyond our facility.  Our goal is to part of the solution that helps to slow the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.
We understand the closure will have a significant impact on our members and that you may have many questions.  We kindly ask for your patience as we endeavour to work through our next steps over the upcoming weeks. We will be following the Ontario re-opening guidelines to ensure the safety of our community.  We are woking quickly to pivot as the province continues with its re-opening strategy. As changes are made we will update you via email and our website.   
For the many medical professionals and front line workers amongst our membership, we would like to thank you for all you are doing to keep our country safe and healthy.
Thank you to all of our members and staff for your support and understanding during this difficult time.


Your Board of Directors 

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